The BodyTalk System™ is a unique health modality that is truly integrative and holistic in nature. The system respects and uses the innate wisdom of the body and its natural ability to heal itself.  The BodyTalk System™ does not rely on diagnosis and the Practitioner does not prescribe or impose their limited knowledge on the client. It is innate wisdom of the client’s body that determines what systems need to be highlighted for better communication, functioning and synchronization.

The Practitioner uses neuromuscular feedback to navigate the protocol chart to determine which factors in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of the body mind complex needs to be addressed and in which sequence. BodyTalk is a gentle, non-invasive and fast system that offers long lasting, on-going improvements in health. Humans, plants and animals can all benefit from BodyTalk.

What To Expect

By providing your medical history (form) your primary health concerns and your goals for the session will be determined. All your information will be kept confidential.

While you are lying face up and fully clothed, I will use neuromuscular feedback to navigate the protocol chart. This involves a series of yes/no questions and gentle touch on your arm or hand.  Using the chart I will determine the physical, emotional, mental and environmental factors that are preventing your body form functioning at an optimal level. Once these factors have been identified I will gently contact various points on the body and tap lightly on the head and sternum.  All the balancing techniques are energetic and will enhance the energy flow and help in reestablishing communication in those areas.

The number of sessions required will vary. Some clients experience immediate results (1-2 sessions), while others require more sessions. The length of time between sessions will also vary as each person is different