“I have been working as a healer for 8 years and have had many experiences with various healers & modalities over the years. I have never worked with someone as gifted as Nathalie with subtle energies. She has worked on both of my cats & I am forever grateful as I believe she saved Cleo's life.

I noticed Cleo was off one morning & within a day she had lost almost all of her body weight & was too weak to hold her body up. I tuned in & got the message that the vet was not the answer, so I called Nathalie. She did one session from a distance & Cleo immediately started turning around. By the following morning, she had regained all her weight, was running around, & jumping fences outside again. It honestly blew my mind, but I was not going to question it as I was so happy to have a healthy kitty again!

She has also worked with my other cat Kali who has suffered from anxiety since she was a kitten. Nathalie worked with Kali twice & she is a much more peaceful kitty. She no longer attacks her own tail, she no longer meows continuously for no reason, and she is overall just a lot more calm and peaceful.

I would highly recommend booking with Nathalie for any of your animal concerns. I have seen wonderful changes in my animals and have worked with others in the past with nowhere near the same results.”

Dionne B. - Spiritual Coach

“Usually I am a skeptic, when it comes to alternate healing methods. But I have to admit that Nathalie’s Naturally Within Healing  intervention helped extend the period between the eruptions of my heart arrhythmia on more than one occasion. And this was done with knowledge, gentleness and patience”

Alfred S. - Calgary

“Nathalie is an excellent practitioner, both in terms of her deep knowledge of the field and her empathy and thoroughness in session. Her commitment to alternative healing methods is clear in her explanations and practice, which made the transition to using Healing Touch an easy and positive experience for me. I would recommend Nathalie’s practice unreservedly”

Dónal S.

“After years of suffering from countless migraines I was looking for something more effective than the medication my doctor prescribed. After talking with Nathalie and finding out about BodyTalk I was eager to get started. To my surprise after just one session my migraines were gone! I will be forever grateful to Nathalie for treating me and helping me get back to a normal life”

Elizabeth W.