Because both BodyTalk and Healing Touch are modalities of Healing Energy it is possible to receive the benefits of a healing session at a distance.

We are surrounded by waves of information that we can not see or feel. Yet somehow these energy waves allow us to listen to the radio, watch television and talk on your cell phones. The human body is also able to receive and transmit energy waves, which allows us to receive healing energy from a distance.

Don't let schedule conflicts and distance prevent you from receiving the benefits of BodyTalk and Healing Touch.

What to Expect

By providing your medical history (form) your primary health concerns and your goals for the session will be determined. All your information will be kept confidential.

I will need your name and a phone number for a cross-reference. After I've received payment I will set up an appointment with you and at that time I will encourage you to rest comfortably and relax. I will access your energy and using myself as a surrogate or by using Mindscape I will conduct a session as though you were present. Once the session is complete, I will send you a report regarding your treatment.