Nathalie is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner who loves to share her passion, knowledge and experience for health and well-being. With her energetic approach, Nathalie has helped many people reach a heightened state of relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery from injuries and illnesses.

Before starting Naturally Within Healing, Nathalie has spent years traveling to various parts of the world. Her passion for traveling and experiences with different cultures and philosophies has helped her to gain a well rounded approach to her healing abilities.

 Her approachability and knowledge makes her clients very comfortable, whether you are new to energy healing or have had previous treatments.  A session with Nathalie will help you realize the splendid powers of your body that are naturally within.

 Nathalie continuously educates herself with newer techniques to better serve her clients.  She finds the human body’s ability to heal itself remarkable.  Every session, although different every time, repeatedly reflects how fast and effective energy healing is.